Wi-DSL - A True internet Experience!

* Daily upto 128Kbps / 1024 Kbps W/ fair use policy
* Double speed with unlimited traffic from 12PM till 8 AM
* Highspeed Video Streaming upto 2Mbps ( youtube, etc.)
* Highspeed  updates upto 2Mbps ( windows, antivirus, etc )
* Highspeed Mobile updates upto 2Mbps ( Iphone, Ipad, Smart Phones)
* The top-rated broadband service in Lebanon
* Wireless router 54 bg at 28 USD
* Award-winning 24-hour care and support
* Top upload and download speeds
* ComNet Wi-Fi (in Faster and Fastest plans)
* Free premium installation
* A free Onlinelebanon.net email address
* Free personal Web space
* 100% fiber optics internet at your home
* Exclusive games and events on ESPN3.com
* One free computer setup


50.000 LBP
33.00 USD
It’s pretty much as fast as it gets
There’s a reason we’re Lebanon’s top-rated Broadband service. Wi-DSL Internet gives you
the fastest upload speeds, flawless streaming video, and reliable service you can actually count on.

It stays up and running
Spotty service is the worst. That’s why we make sure Wi-DSL isn’t just faster, but also more reliable. We power Hundreds of businesses all over Lebanon. We do everything humanly possible to keep you online.

No throttling
Some Internet providers will resort to “throttling,” or slowing down your Internet connection if they decide your usage is too heavy. ComNet doesn’t! Wi-DSL is always blazingly fast.

No boosting
Many companies use “boosters” to make Internet speeds faster at the beginning
of your downloads. But Wi-DSL connections are always fast, whether you’re downloading
or uploading, start to finish.

We're here when you need us
Our award-winning support networks are designed to answer your questions fast. If you can't find answers to your questions here, you can get in touch with us through email, Facebook, Twitter, or just pick up the phone.


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